a surprise collaboration!

collaborations are fun! and especially if they are for the holiday season! and yesssss, as you can guess from the time of the year; we designed christmas&new year’s season packaging goodies for “Mudo”! paper shopping bags & boxes & stickers & little gift cards and all different sizes of paper envelopes are among those we did… they will hit the stores in a few days! as hard-core gift&packaging lovers, we are so happy about this new project of ours and as a preview here are the new shopping bags….

(we’ll be back with more pics soon!)

there is also a little article on mudo blog about this collaboration… but meanwhile we

can NOt wait to see these on the street being carried around…

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2 Responses to a surprise collaboration!

  • Esther

    Replied on: 24.11.2013, 10:16 am

    Lovely! People will buy at Mudo specially to procure the packaging!

    • denizyegin

      Replied on: 06.12.2013, 7:19 pm

      : ) Esther, u r the sweetest! we hope that they’ll be liked! very excited tooooo! : )

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